Durite Vizslas

DuRite’s Hoosier Daddy
Call Name: HOOSIER

AKC #: SR33647905
D.O.B: Febuary 1, 2006
DNA : V489328

Hoosier Daddy derived from the fact that we are the Indiana Hoosiers and our male duke is the sire. This is a bold name for an upcoming stud dog, it is an eye catcher and Hoosier is already catching many eyes. Hoosier’s physic is quite impressive. He is a very muscular dog and at a moments glance the first impression is he is a very athletic male. I feel it is important to be able to look at a male and know what his gender is by body type and head type. Hoosier is put together with terrific conformation and a big blocky head. He has a very big stride, he hunts a course with a forward, bold style. Hoosier is very intense on point with a tail that is a straight stick. Hoosier’s temperament is literally ranked # 1. He is at all times the sweetest boy you could ever want to be around. He certainly gets his sweetness from his Daddy, but with a cherry on top! Hoosier’s shining moments as a puppy / derby dog are:

• 2007 Gary Jagoda Midwest Shooting Dog Derby Classic Runner - Up
• 2007 Vizsla Club of American National Derby - Runner-Up Champion

Hoosier's Shining moments as a broke dog are:

• 2010 Made 2nd Series VCA National Amateur Championship
• 2010 Won Amateur Stake, Des Plain's, Illinois
• 2010 Won Amateur Stake ALL Breed, Paducah, Kentucky

Hoosier is currently competing in broke dog stakes. Hoosier is an absolute jewel to train. He is eager to please and wants to DO RIGHT at all times! My husband Mike and I broke Hoosier and he is beginning to have lots of success!

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