Durite Vizslas

DuRite’s Jet City Woman
Call Name: JETTA

AKC #: SR30880604
D.O.B: December 19, 2005

A Happy moment for DuRite Vizslas!
Mike, Carrie, Mikayle, Carlie, Chuck and Diane celebrate
Jetta's 2011 National Championship win!

Chuck and Jetta having a personal celebration after just being announced
the 2011 National Champion!

As owner, breeder and amateur handler we only hoped that Jetta would show promise to be an awesome dog. She is out of our NAFC FC/ AFC Pointe Blanc's Rusty Miracle (Duke) and 2 X NFC FC Berry's Taking Chance's (Lotto).

We are proud to say, so far, Jetta has met all of our expectations. She has a very bright future and is proving to be a beautiful combination of Duke and Lotto. Jetta is lightening fast and possesses all of the attributes of a shooting dog. Jetta is an exciting dog to watch in the field, is an excellent house companion and is producing stellar young prospects such as, DuRite's All The Bells and Whistles 2010 National Puppy Winner and DuRite's Whoa Nelly, big contender in due time!

Jetta's shining moments:
2011 National Field Champion
Finishes Field Championship November, 2011
Winner Open Gun Dog, Hoosier Vizsla Club, November 2010
2007 Gary Jagoda Midwest Shooting Dog Derby Classic Winner

Jetta is professionally trained and handeled by Diane Vater and Chuck Cooper of www.AlphaDogCentral.com

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