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2017 Litters Accepting Reservations

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DuRite's Glorious x CK Touchdown Nitro
Accepting reservations
DOB 10/26/2017
Go home date 12/21/17
Call now 765-235-9216

DuRite's Whoa Nelly x CK Touchdown Nitro
Accepting reservations
DOB 10/28/2017
Go home date 12/23/17
Call now 765-235-9216

More information to come, however if you would like to get on a waiting list for one of our planned breedings or to reserve your pup please contact:
Carrie or Mike at (765) 528-2719 or (765) 235-9216 or
by e-mail at durite@iendeavor.com.

DuRite puppies are smart!
Owners Mr. and Mrs. Scott Berringer.

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9 days old, 23 days old, & 6 weeks old.

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