Durite Vizslas

Jill Hurd (Houston, TX)

We are the owners of Durite's Hombre de Honor ("Hombre"), a six year old vizsla we got at seven weeks from Durite Viszlas. My husband and I owned a four year old yellow labrador retriever (Amigo) which we used in duck and dove hunting, but we wanted another family dog who could also point and retrieve quail. We researched various breeds and decided upon a Vizsla. We liked what we read about their loving nature, and, frankly, we wanted a dog that didn't shed like a snowblower. We talked to many Vizsla breeders, but we were so impressed with Carrie Syzclo's breeding goals and honesty that buying from Durite was an easy decision.

Durite Vizslas has fantastic, proven dogs. Hombre has participated in horseback field trials and in shoot to retrieve. He is fearless and responsive. We have worked with four different trainers on different aspects of hunting and obedience, and each trainer has praised Hombre profusely. The obedience trainer found him easy to train and willing. Hunting trainers have told us that he has a great nose, is relentless, and does not hold a grudge when corrected.

If you look up the word "joy" in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Hombre running through the reeds of a nearby lake looking for birds. Hombre is a wonderful family member. He has always gotten along well with Amigo and our children. He is playful but not obnoxiously in need of attention, and he is very snuggly. He reads us well. Once I lay in bed with an illness for which I eventually had to go to the emergency room. Hombre lay next to me from the minute the illness began until I left for the hospital and then again from the time I got back until I had recovered. My husband had to coax him to leave the bed to eat and potty. I cannot imagine owning a finer dog.

Jill Hurd

Roger & Michele Kottlowski (Indianapolis, IN)

We brought our Vizsla home in 2005, and he has been a joy for our family ever since. It was the right decision for us. Our children love him dearly, and not only is he very gentle to our them but also their friends.

They say Vizsla's are "velcro" dogs, and ours is no different; a good family dog. He is very obedient, intelligent, and in fact he rings a bell on the door handle to go outside. But, he also has a strong side and will place himself between our children and any stranger.

We believe we made the right decision to go with Durite. They take their breeding and training very seriously and want owners who can take good care of the pedigree. We feel they are devoted to doing the right thing.

Also, thanks for taking care of him when we are vacationing.

Roger & Michele Kottlowski

Amy Barnes (Texas)

My husband and I are the proud owners of Gabi, CH Smooth As Velvet Gabriella RN SH. She is sired by Duke, NAFC FC AFC Pointe Blanc's Rusty Miracle. Gabi came home with us to Texas in the summer of 2006. My original plans for Gabi were to primarily be a companion and do some obedience and maybe some agility with her. Fortunately, Gabi had better plans! I put her in the show ring after some persuasion from friends when she was 13 months old and she won Best of Opposite Sex over a special in her very first show. So she continued on in the show ring and earned her conformation title. She also earned her Rally Novice title in three straight passes!

At 15 months old, she was introduced to birds and I knew from that moment on what her passion was. She earned her Junior Hunter title with ease in 2007 and earned her Senior Hunter title in the winter of 2008/2009. She currently has two passes toward her Master Hunter title and we look to get closer to finishing that title in January 2010. Gabi also has placed in walking field trials, one third place in Derby and one third place in Amateur Gun Dog (out of 13 starters).

Gabi is my heart dog. She has changed my life for the better and will be the dog that all others will be compared to. She is very sweet and extremely smart and is so willing to please me. She is first and foremost our companion and lives in our house and sleeps in bed with us. After that, she is an outstanding performance dog in whatever venue we put her in. She continues to impress me every day. We have done some agility training and plan to start again after the hunting season. There are no limits on what this girl can do! I am very fortunate to have Gabi in my life, and this dog shows what good breeding can produce.

Amy Barnes

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